Whose Hand Are You Grabbing?

Whose Hand Are You Grabbing?

The plane starts to shake up and down so much I feel like I am on a roller coaster with a couple loose screws. People’s arms are gripped to the sides of their chairs and the pilot just said, “Flight attendants please take your seats.” 

For the next several minutes I experience the worst turbulence of my life. All that was running through my head was that one scene from Lost where the plane splits and I am thinking… what character would I be if we crash?

The woman sitting next to me does not speak english so I can’t say “Do you want to hold my hand?” I go to reach for her hand because I don’t know about her but I want to hold someones right now. Then it the bumps get worse and I am no longer thinking of Lost!

Where is Chelsea? I am thinking… I wish she was here! She always holds my hand or I hold hers if we are going through a rough patch.

We go through a couple more minutes of ups and downs where I feel like I am in a zero gravity airplane. It subsides and for the rest of the flight the seatbelt sign stays on and barely no one gets up. It was awful!

Today I was reminded that if you want to get somewhere or make a difference you will 100% experience turbulent times. The farther you go, the more likely you will experience it. Sometimes it is not as strong or even noticeable and other times you question “Why did I ever do this?” 

We do it because we know that you get nowhere in life without trying! Without getting out, getting up and doing what it is you know you need to do you can’t make things happen!

But as you are moving along on your journey and moving to your next destination remember the people that you wish you were sitting next to when the road gets bumpy. Because there is a full guarantee that it will. We all have that one person we can count on.

Make sure you tell them you love them often. Make sure you speak up and tell them what they do for you and make sure you are there for them when they need you. So the next time times get rough, whose hand will you be grabbing?

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At age 25, Ryan Avery became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history; competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries to claim the 2012 Championship title. As an Emmy Award winning journalist and a proud member of the National Speakers Association, Ryan uses his background in multimedia and speaking to help reach the younger generation on the importance of improving their communication skills in order to advance in their professional and personal life.

4 Comments on "Whose Hand Are You Grabbing?"

  • Monty Ray Davidson says

    No matter where you are, you’re never alone, unless you truly choose to be. I’d be reaching out for God!

  • I was thinking the same thing as Monty Ray. However, I would want my husband to be there holding my hand for sure.
    I experienced that kind of turbulence when I was 25 on a trip from Newfoundland to New Brunswick. There was a movie that had just come out called “alive!” and it had a vivid plane crash scene in it. I was thinking about that movie.
    I remember that I wanted desperately for someone to hold my hand in that situation but the couple beside me had each other. It was very scary and it was a wakeup call for me. It was the beginning of thinking about life in a different way for me. It was a terrifying blessing.

  • Renee Somoza says

    Thank you, Ryan. This was a nice reminder of who was there for me when my life seemed like a roller coaster ride. I think I’ll cook my husband an extra special dinner tonight (because he’s always there for me through thick and thin).

    I met you in Houston this past weekend and enjoyed your session with Toastmasters! I can see why you won the International Speech Competition! Congratulations!

  • Marc Gabris says

    Great story and message! I’ll be thinking about this for some time.

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