The Tour Is Over But…

The Tour Is Over But…

We just walked the Windy City, sipping warm coffee as the temperature outside was almost cooler than inside your freezer.

I am now laying in my bed looking out at the snow fall over the Chicago skyline thinking to myself… “How can the tour already be over?”

Last year I decided I wanted to visit 50 cities in North America and teach people how to use their voice to make a difference.

We had no idea how to put on our own tour but with the help of our outstanding Operations Manager, John Hastie, Toastmaster Districts around the country, Dr. Harvey and my wonderful wife Chelsea we were able to pull it off.

Ryan and Chelsea Avery - North American TourIt literally seems like last week were were still planning to leave for our first city (Raleigh, NC) of the tour and now we are recapping the amazing ups, twists and turns we encountered being on the road for more than 100 days.

I can look at it being over or think about it just beginning.

These past six months we have built relationships, trained thousands of people, written a book that comes out in April, traveled the United States and learned how to put on an amazing event from start to finish.

We still have a long way to go and grow though.

The tour might be over but… we are just beginning. There is plenty of work still to do. One thing this experience taught me… there is no start or finish… only stages. When you think you are done, there is still more work to do. There are more steps to climb and no matter how good you get, there is always a way you can improve.

It is time to take higher steps. Help more people. Do even bigger things.

Keep surrounding yourself with even more wonderful people. Always be growing because our work is not done and know when you finish on project, there is always something something new to start.

I want to say thank you to the thousands of people who attended our workshops. The hundreds of volunteers who made the events possible. The woman, wife and business partner that kept me sane, happy and hydrated the whole way… because of you the tour was a success and I am proud of you being so bold!

I am looking forward to what is next on our list. We have big business goals planned for 2014 and 2015 and we hope you will stick around for our continued journey. We will keep writing. We will keep speaking. We will keep teaching when and where we can to help you become more successful and make things happen.

Thank you for being part of an amazing life memory and I look forward to our next adventure together. Keep using your voice to make a difference because it matters! As always…

Dream BIG,

Question: If you could do one thing and you knew it would be successful what would you accomplish and why?

Note: Here are the photos of all the individual events from the North American Tour. 

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At age 25, Ryan Avery became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history; competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries to claim the 2012 Championship title. As an Emmy Award winning journalist and a proud member of the National Speakers Association, Ryan uses his background in multimedia and speaking to help reach the younger generation on the importance of improving their communication skills in order to advance in their professional and personal life.

4 Comments on "The Tour Is Over But…"

  • Monty Ray Davidson says

    Thank you Ryan and Chelsea for putting this North Amercian tour together and making a difference for so many of us who aspire to be better in the Public Speaking Arena.

  • Thank you Chelsea and Ryan for showing our club a new definition of being authentic on stage.

  • Pam Davis says

    Thank you both for coming to Lubbock! Thank you to John too who was a BIG help for the District 23 Toastmaster event. Looking forward to reading your book.


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