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Ryan Avery - Keynote SpeakerAt age 25, Ryan Avery is the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history; competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries to claim the 2012 World Championship title. Ryan is the cofounder of AveryToday, Inc. and managing partner at How to Be a Speaker, LLC where he works with leaders to solve their communication problems. Ryan has worked with global clients including Nike, Toyota, Nissan, Safeway, Bank of America and more.

Ryan is an Emmy Award winning journalist, best selling author and graduate of Colorado State University. He currently lives in Portland, OR with his wife Chelsea and they have been together for over seven years. Ryan is devoted to working with leaders to develop and deliver their message because the world deserves to hear it!

Ryan’s popular topics include:

 Personal Communication Skills to Advance Your Professional Career
– Retaining New Hires and Leadership Training for Emerging Professionals

Ryan Avery - College SpeakerWhy work with Ryan Avery?

From Rhode Island to Russia, from the Bahamas to Boston Ryan Avery delivers 50+ international and domestic presentations a year to leaders. His award-winning presentations and unique speaking style holds his audience’s attention and there are seven reasons why meeting planners and companies trust Ryan to keynote their events and train their leaders.

Check Ryan’s availability now! Visit Ryan’s website and fill out his contact page or call John Hastie, Ryan’s Operation Manager at +1 512.867.5440, to see how Ryan can add value to your next event! We guarantee  Ryan will educate, entertain and inspire your audience! (7 Reasons Why Companies Trust Ryan To Keynote Their Events)


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National Speakers Addociation - Ryan AveryRyan is a proud member of the National Speakers Association where he uses his background in multimedia and speaking to help train the younger generation on the importance of improving their communication skills in order to advance in their professional and personal life.

ToastmastersLogo-ColorRyan utilizes Toastmasters as one tool to develop his presentations, certain keynotes and an opportunity to network with friendly and encouraging professionals interested in growing their communication skills. Ryan got his start with Toastmasters and encourages the younger generation to utilize their resources to help develop stronger speaking and presentations skills.

What They’re Saying…

“Ryan goes far beyond what you pay for, packing so much value into a visit that you will want to immediately ask him back, and recommend him for additional talks.  We did both, and can’t wait for his return.” Greg Luft, Colorado State University

“I introduced myself to Ryan and not even one minute later I had a strategy I can and will use to move forward in my speaking career. Thank you Ryan.” – Jeff Young, Alternative Events

“Ryan, the level of participation, and enthusiasm you got out of our employees was amazing! They are never that involved. How did you do that? You did a great job grabbing everyone’s attention and holding it through the difference phases of the workshop. What I really liked was that you tailored your presentation to the needs of each employee, and let them individually guide where your presentation was but lead the dialogue with such finesse that it felt more like a round table discussion. We all left with something we can use to improve our personal and professional life. We would see more results and more efficiency in the work place if more people knew your communication commandments. Thank you for being here today and we can’t wait to have you back to help us all grow even more.” Jesse Cathey, Bank of America

“Watching Ryan Avery speak… I’ll start with WOW!” – Bill Hernandez, Nike, Inc.

“I have not been exposed to many speakers able to present at your level and found your engagement, humor and ease of communication to be very relatable and genuine. Second, when I think about the benefits of clear and concise speech it is typically in the form of a one-to-many format and not necessarily in a conversational setting. Watching how you engaged with the audience in a more one-to-one manner and conducted yourself after the event was, for me, even more impressive than the workshop portion. The take away for me is to apply your communication commandments I normally associate with group speaking to my daily interactions with colleagues and clients. Thank you again for sharing your story with us and being so open.” – Richard A. Barker, Merrill Lynch

“Ryan is the most real and enthusiastic speaker I have heard in some time. He shows all his tools to make you successful. He is confident in his own right, so does not hold anything back. Every minute was packed with value.” – Eva Tafoya, Blue Cross Blue Shields 

“Ryan understands communication and how to communicate. The insights he gave into public speaking are equally valid for writing essays, letters, columns or stories.” – Kevin Killiany, Freelance Writer

“Ryan…you are an incredible teacher.” – Ron Patterson, Physician

“I loved your presentation on how to make it a great speech. I liked the way you draw illustrations. I am sure that I will use what I have learned today. Thank you for sharing and not holding back.” – Daisy Gibson, Princess Margaret Hospital

“I really appreciate your inspirational presence and I aspire to be a successful speaker like you are in the near future. Your workshop is definitely a great way to contribute back to those who also wish to improve. I look forward to meeting you at the top!” – Guan Tyng Tan, St. John’s College

“Ryan’s unique combination of subject matter expertise and excellent presentation skills creates an environment in which you lose track of the line between education and entertainment.”  Tony Pathyil, Caesars Entertainment
“Ryan, when you gave your workshop for the National Speakers Association of Oregon Speakers Academy, you had all of our seasoned as well as our new speakers simply riveted. We admire your passion, your discipline and your great humor in sharing the mechanics of winning speeches and speaking.  – Jan Carothers, National Speakers Association of Oregon

“Ryan is a poised, polished and professional speaker who captures the audience’s attention with his wit and wisdom. Ryan is committed to his word and he was an inspiration to our conference.” – Joyce Preston, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

(Watch Ryan in action and view video testimonials now).

Check Ryan’s availability now! Send Chelsea Avery, How to Be a Speaker’s Business Manager, a detailed message with dates and information about your event at chelsea@howtobeaspeaker.com or call us at 503-862-8438.


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