Chelsea’s Tour Quotes

Chelsea’s Tour Quotes

Here are my favorite things Chelsea has said since we have been on tour!

Me: “I don’t want to do any thing babe.”
Chelsea: “Fine be a failure.”
* In relation to waking up in the morning after being exhausted teaching three workshops in three days!

“Babe I need a vegetable.”
* In relation to her eating out for a week and her needing to eat healthy. She said this at 8am.

“Ew I should put some of my mustache cream on that.”
* In relation to her finding a new patch of hair on my hand.

“Well… We have gas all over the car. So we have that going for us.”
* In relation to her pumping gas and accidentally spilling some on the side of the car. 

“Don’t get glass in my banana.”
*In relation to my phone being shattered and setting it next to her breakfast in the car.

“You are a middle class white male. Get over it.”
*In relation to being upset about someone being rude!

“I might just do dishes so I feel at home.”
* In relation to us being at TownPlace Suites by Marriott (an extended stay property with a full kitchen) and her missing home.

“Can I eat all these?”
* In relation to already eating all the wheat thins and not leaving me any.

“Shh shh. My favorite part is coming up.”
* In relation to listening to a bagpipe song on the only radio station available for an hour!

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7 Comments on "Chelsea’s Tour Quotes"

  • Jordann says

    I love these! I love seeing a couple that is in love and knows how to have fun and laugh at life. Reminds me of my own relationship! Hope the tour continue to goes well! Although disappointed I don’t see Colorado on there!

    • Great stuff – but I send Chelsea’s “revenge” coming…(S)he who blogs last…?

  • oohhhh buddy you just wait! i can take a lot of embarrassing pictures of you :) and if you start being funnier i can also start a quote book for you too. haaaaa!

  • Suzanne says

    Too funny! Just wait to hear what she says when you’ve been married 20 years!

  • No wonder you love her!
    You should make this a monthly thing. Chelsea quotes.

  • elliot dennis says

    Behind every successful man there is a surprised woman!


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