Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part VIII

Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part VIII

1st set of tour quotes from Chelsea in 2014…

“Ew babe… take those boxers off, you look like a dad.”
* in relation to me wearing red boxers. Are those dad boxers?

“The good news is that we are okay.”
* in relation to us eating BBQ sauce that expired in 2009 and us finding out after we ate it

“Her shirt is so adorable. I would wear that in a heartbeat.”
* in relation to her talking about a six month old in a stroller

“Um sir… please do not text and drive with a pug on your dashboard. That is dangerous.”
* in relation to her being more concerned about the pug then the man texting and driving

“Here! I can’t be seen with this Walmart bag so i am putting all your stuff in it.”
* in relation to making me carry the Walmart bag because she is really a Target girl

“A lot of carrots had to die so you could drink this babe.”
* in relation to 41 baby carrots being used to make my drink and I didn’t finish it all

“Oh it’s 75 MPH… I better take my shoes off.”
* in relation to her actually taking off her shoes because the speed limit was over 70. Do other people do this?

“I didn’t put on boots to go to Jimmy John’s.”
* in relation to me asking if she wants to go to JJ’s for dinner while we were in Texas

“I can NOT do medical shows when I am eating at a restaurant.”
* in relation to me turning around and noticing her looking at a very graphic episode of ER while we were out to eat trying to enjoy pasta

“This says eight servings… I bet I can make it two!” 
* in relation to her not believing there were eight servings in her airplane snacks and convincing herself there were only two

Question: What is your favorite quote from Chelsea this week? If you are new to this series, here are Chelsea’s Tour Quotes Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IVPart VPart VI and Part VII.

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3 Comments on "Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part VIII"

  • Kristi says

    I’m loving the food quotes. The carrot smoothie made me smile.

  • Joe says

    The Dad boxers quote. I never realized it, but I wear those, and I didn’t start until I became a Dad. This is somehow equal parts fun and depressing.

  • Monty Ray Davidson says

    Consuming 5 year BBQ sauce! Ryan & Chelsea you are the bravest folks I know!

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