Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part VI

Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part VI

“I am glad you are not married.”
* in relation to her saying this to me while we are watching the TV show Scandal and the President is having an affair 

“I mean I look at it as free crackers.”
* in relation to finding three crackers in our bed in our “clean” non-marriot hotel room we stayed at when we pulled off on the road because the snow was so bad. 

“Oh no… this Christmas music is making me cry.”
* in relation to her actually crying due to christmas music

“Ew, the pressure is making your eyes all veiny.”
* in relation to being on the plane and her taking a photo of my eyes and talking about them for the next two hours

“I almost cut a lock of Sugar’s (our dog) hair to bring with me.”
* in relation to her wanting to be next to our puppy but still a little creepy

“She thinks I am out of your league… that is why.”
* in relation to the waitress asking if this will be on separate checks when we went to dinner

“There are no more towels but you can use mine on the ground.”
* in relation to her using all the towels and trying to be nice to give me her dirty wet towels

“Only tan men can wear bracelets and you are not one of them.”
* in relation to me trying on a bracelet 

“Ugh! I don’t know why you don’t own Avery Labels… that is kind of why I went out with you in the first place.”
* in relation to talking about what it would be like to have really wealthy parents and finding out the truth of why she went out with me in the first place

“It smells like an old folks home and someone has already used the soap.”
* in relation to another non-marriot hotel room we had to stay at when we pulled off on the road because the snow was so bad. 

Question: What is your favorite quote from Chelsea this week? If you are new to this series, here are Chelsea’s Tour Quotes Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV and Part V. Hope you are having a great week so far and more quotes to come as we finish off the last part of the tour for 2013!

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4 Comments on "Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part VI"

  • Micaela Pennell says

    Too funny. You guys make me laugh out loud!

  • Dave says

    Seeing an announcement of more tour quotes in my inbox really boosts by day! I hope you’ll just change the title of these when the tour’s over and keep ’em coming!

    Faves this week: Free crackers, dirty towels, “I’m out of your league”… but they’re all great!

  • Definitely it has to be:

    “Only tan men can wear bracelets and you are not one of them.”


  • Marc Gabris says

    That’s funny! Chelsea definitely keeps you humble. God bless that woman! : )

    I like that she used up all the towels in the hotel room and tried to pull it off as if it was ok.

    And the hotel bed crackers… that just shows how optimistic she’s become!


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