Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part IV

Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part IV

“Ew you have weird thumbs. I hope our kids get my thumbs.”
* in relation to her believing I have weird thumbs. I do not.

“Ok, I am done with these.”
* in relation to her making me believe she had stopped eating the chips because she wanted to vs. because they were all gone.

“Are you crying, because I am.”
* in relation to a 30 second commercial that made her cry.

“Dang it, when you google Chelsea Avery there is a photo of someone hitting a bong!”
* in relation to someone telling us we should google ourselves to see what comes up.

“Ugh I am so full but I am so hungry.”
* in relation to her just eating a huge meal.

“On man, I have eaten a lot of chips today.”
* in relation to her eating so many kinds of chips I cannot count.

“Look at this blood. Goodnight!”
* in relation to her pointing out the blood stain on the curtains in one of our hotel rooms right before I went to bed.

“This was one of the best decisions you have made. Not for our health but for our taste buds.”
* in relation to us getting donuts after my speech after 9:00pm.

“You really need to get your act together before we have kids.”
* in relation to me always forgetting my cell phone and wallet on the table because I don’t put them in my pocket (Do any guys relate to this?).

If you are new to this series, here are Chelsea’s Tour Quotes Part IPart II and Part III! Being on tour is a lot of fun and you get to hear your wife say some funny things! We still have two months  to go and looking forward to seeing you in your city soon and hearing what Chelsea says next! As always…

Dream BIG,
Ryan Avery

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3 Comments on "Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part IV"

  • Monty Ray Davidson says

    Love the theme of Food, Kids, and Scary Hotels. Ryan in regards to the last quote-Chelsea has an excellent point-Do watch the movie Raising Arizona for an important lesson in misplacement. It’ll make your future Parenting adventures go much smoother.

  • Dave says

    So glad for this installment. Of course I had to Google “Chelsea Avery”. Saw that pic… And the awful part is that you really can’t tell that it’s NOT her! …or, you know, I can’t tell.

    I’m looking forward to a Thanksgiving edition of Chelsea quotes about turkey, potatoes, pie, and going back for seconds! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Averys!

  • Marc Gabris says

    Hilarious! Sounds like you two have a lot of fun on the road!

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