Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part III

Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part III

This has turned into a successful series because for some reason, you enjoy Chelsea making fun of me, sharing her insights while on tour and finding out about her food eating habits! So here are the best quotes from Chelsea last week while on tour:

“All I have eaten today is carbs and candy.”
* in relation to her only eating carbs and candy all day

“She has a whole row to herself and she is eating a snickers. I am going to go sit by her.” 
* in relation to a woman sitting in a row on the plane by herself and Chelsea being hungry 

“I got in the shower with my glasses on.” 
* in relation to Chelsea actually getting in the shower with her glasses on

“You’re going to be sorry when your wireless mic is still on one day.”
* in relation to me saying something that was only “couple appropriate” after my speech

“We can get that pizza if you want, but I will be unhappy.”
* in relation to me “choosing” what we can get for dinner tonight

“Ugh. I am always dehydrated because you don’t get me water.”
* in relation to her thinking I am in charge of her water intake

“I don’t know what I would do if your voice was deep.”
* in relation to my voice sounding like a 13 year old girl most of the time

“I am so proud of myself getting Jamba Juice right now because my hormones are telling me to get Doritos and pour chocolate all over them.”
* in relation to her eating healthy even when her hormones are telling her differently

“You look 46. It’s the sweater.”
* in relation to a sweater I have worn for two years and she is just telling me this now

“I was going to save this.”
* in relation to her taking the last bight of her second roll at dinner before the meal was served

Chelsea cracks me up and keeps me sane while on tour and in life. I am lucky to have her as a partner! I enjoy taking notes and keeping track of the funny things she says and I will continue to write this series as long as she lets me and as long as you like them!

Question: What is your favorite quote from Part III?
Question: What funny thing did your partner say last week?

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4 Comments on "Chelsea’s Tour Quotes – Part III"

  • Joe says

    Definitely the Doritos and Chocolate thing. Not that hormones ever tell me to do such things, but because it sounds awesome and I’ma hafta try that.

  • Pamela Pratt says

    This is very funny… thanks! You two are darling.

  • I love the sweater comment. Reminds me of my mom when she told me my favourite pair of jeans made my butt look huge…after many years of wearing said pair of jeans.

  • Todd says

    The pizza one is definitely the best one! So funny because Sara totally does that but would never come out and say it

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