Chelsea’s Tour Quotes (Part II)

Chelsea’s Tour Quotes (Part II)

I am thankful I have a witty wife but sometimes she can be a tad bit grouchy when she is hungry, sleepy or when it comes to the hair on my body. She is also always supportive and is undoubtedly my favorite person to travel with.

Here are my favorite quotes from Chelsea this week while on tour:

“Not to be mean… but I’m not loving your hair. It is like 1% attractive to me.”
* in relation to my haircut I have had for over a month, particularly when I don’t have gel in it

“No! NO! no no no!”
* in relation to a pigeon being in our hotel room

“Why is this water so salty?”
* in relation to us being in the ocean in Hawaii

“Please don’t, I honestly cannot have Subway again.”
* in relation to us eating subway for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same day

“I hate that sweater on you”
* in relation to me wearing her sweater when I was cold

“I am getting anxiety writing about my anxiety.”
* in relation to her getting anxiety for writing this awesome post!

“Why can’t you grow anything here?”
* in relation to me not being able to grow any facial hair on part of my face

Me: “Want to go downstairs to get something to eat?”
Chelsea: “Ugh, then I have to button my pants.”
* in relation to us needing to eat dinner

“Babe, that is so fat… let me try!”
* in relation to me dipping my steak in butter and her wanting to do the same

“What should we get? We should get everything!”
* in relation to being at a nice restaurant and her literally wanting to order everything

We have had our ups and downs while being on the road and looking forward to the next three months! If we are in your city, come visit us! More quotes to come from Chelsea soon!

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5 Comments on "Chelsea’s Tour Quotes (Part II)"

  • Chuck Mencke says

    Love the quotes, they’re SO expressive!!!! I am glad you’re writing them down. You could do a “Quotes from the Tour” book!!!

  • Sharon says

    Look forward to a fantastic D28 visit in December!

  • Dave says

    I loved the first batch of these. They set a high standard. I’m so glad these meet that standard! Fave: “Ugh, then I have to button my pants.” :D

  • Kathy Crowley says

    HA HA HA… I love this series! Keep letting us peek into your travel world. ;-)


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