Can my message of hurt, heal my audience?

Can my message of hurt, heal my audience?

This article was written by Kendrick Knowles.

Opinion: Yes! Your message of hurt can heal your audience!

Don’t be afraid to add pain or hurt in your stories for IMPACT!

Have you ever tried telling the stories that hurt your heart when you relive them?

I’ve found some stories that carry a painful or heart-filled lesson – can bring connection and impact to your messages.

Many times these stories can impact your audience years down the road.
For example, I can still remember a story from the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking – Craig Valentine.

It was given in a speech titled “The Snake Bite”. To paraphrase the story, Craig talks about being wronged in his past and compares it to a snake bite. He starts off by saying, “Nobody has ever died from a snake bite! – It’s the venom circulating throughout your body afterward that kills you”.

He goes on to remind us that the hatred, and the anger are like the venom and we have to FORGIVE to set ourselves free and to truly live. It was a memorable story and I think I connected and appreciated it so much because it highlighted the hurt he experienced in his past and the solution, the anti-venom (FORGIVENESS) that set him free.

Now when someone hurts me I remember the snake bite story and more importantly the point – FORGIVENESS. Otherwise the venom (hatred, anger) can kill me, whilst the snake moves on with its life. – Again, Impact!
I think two important questions for storytellers who would like to use this hurt/heal technique are:

1) What hurt have I overcome?
2) How can I help my audience to overcome it?

Thoughts? Would like to hear what you think about tho article in the comments below! 

Vocal Techniques Every Speaker Should Know

Vocal Techniques Every Speaker Should Know

This Article is Written by: Kendrick Knowles

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That was me about a year ago,  “Mr. Monotonous Flu Guy”, I can still remember my coworker spinning her chair around and saying, “I was just leaving you a voicemail, thanks for dropping in to see me. By the way, you should really create a new voicemail message, you sound really dry.”

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