We believe the stronger speaker you are, the better leader you’ll be!

In 2012 Ryan Avery met the 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking, Dr. Randy J. Harvey, for the first time. Ryan had limited public speaking experience and had never been booked for a paid speaking engagement. That same year, Ryan became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history; competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries.

Starting in 2013, Ryan is now a full-time professional speaker not only getting paid to speak and share his message, but traveling the world, developing strong relationships and taking the tools he learned from Dr. Harvey to create positive change in our world. Dr. Harvey has delivered powerful keynotes and educational workshops across the globe; from Saudi Arabia to Australia… from the Dominican Republic to China. Dr. Harvey’s lessons helped Ryan Avery not only in his public speaking career but his personal and professional life.

Together they created How to Be a Speaker, LLC to share with future leaders the benefits of what it means to be a speaker in today’s world.

Whether you are attending a How to be Speaker event, receiving one-on-one coaching, or investing in products, Ryan and Randy provide you with tools and resources that ultimately turn you into a better leader. You will learn to speak from the heart, deliver dynamic messages and create lasting change for those you communicate to. 

They provide you with services, keynotes, articles and workshops to develop and deliver your message. They have successfully supported hundreds of individuals, students and corporate teams across the globe to develop and deliver their messages. Ryan and Dr. Harvey look forward to helping you do the same. Contact us today or review their services to see how they can make you a stronger speaker so you will be a better leader!

Interested in learning more about Ryan or Dr. Harvey’s interactive keynotes or executive coaching? Start the Conversation! 


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