5 iPhone Apps for Public Speakers

5 iPhone Apps for Public Speakers

A great way to get to know someone is by asking what apps they have on their phone. It is a wonderful conversation starter at parties and gets people talking about what they are interested in.

Although, I have seen some people with what I call an “app addiction” (I mean, who really needs 85 apps on their phone?) it gives you an opportunity to learn more about the person and to see what apps might benefit your life.

Some apps I use more than others and not all apps are created equal. Here are five iPhone apps I use (yes, I am an Apple guy) that help me with my professional speaking career.

voice recorder1) Voice Memos: I use this app more than Google Maps. This app comes on the phone and I use it ALL THE TIME. If I have a new idea, I use my voice memo. If I am practicing for a speech, I use my voice memo. If I am trying to interview a speaker for our blog, I use my voice memo. We are not writers, we are speakers! We need to speak and hear what we sound like when we speak. One of the best things I have done as a speaker, is recorded myself (both audio and video) and evaluated my voice, tone, rhythm, pausing (and on video gestures). It has made a HUGE difference in my speaking career and has given me the opportunity to hear what my audience hears. Start using your voice memos more!

ted talk app2) TED Talks: This app changed my life. “Ideas worth spreading” is what TED is all about! Most of these speakers break every speaking 101 rule in the rulebook except for one MAJOR one. 98% of them speak from the heart. They get on stage, share their passion and teach you that the most important thing to do, wether you are talking about a mushroom burial suite or uncovering the secrets of 4am, talk about what makes you fell alive, what makes you happy and what gets people to think!

TuneIn Radio App3) TuneIn Radio: I was just introduced to this app from a friend. He uses it for podcasts and learning more about history. Two great channels I have favorited so far are “This American Life” and “Stuff You Missed in History Class.” These segments and podcasts can help you add stories into your speeches and might give you reference to a specific day you mention or audience you speak to. Remember, “The more you learn, the more you earn.” 

audible-app4) Audible: This app is great if you don’t have time to sit and read but have time in the car, plane or sitting in a crowded doctors office. Put your headphones in, turn up your car speakers to enjoy a classic book or the latest NYT Best Seller. Reading helps us tell better stories, engage our imagination and help us connect and relate to more people.

55,000 amazing quotes5) 55,000 Amazing Quotes: Ummm… yes please! Do I need to say more about this awesome app! A) quotes are my favorite thing to read B) we can all use at least on of these in our next speech and C) you can search by author, category or keyword which will help you identify the perfect quote(s) for your next speech!

How to be a speaker: Instead of listening to the same song over and over again on the radio, learn something new and download an educational app that will help you in your professional career. Download one of these five apps today and start learning how to be a better speaker. 

Question One: What is one of your favorite iPhone apps?
Question Two: What is another creative way we can start a conversation at a party? 
Question Three: Would you rather always have to use an iPhone OR Android? 

This post was written by
At age 25, Ryan Avery became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history; competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries to claim the 2012 Championship title. As an Emmy Award winning journalist and a proud member of the National Speakers Association, Ryan uses his background in multimedia and speaking to help reach the younger generation on the importance of improving their communication skills in order to advance in their professional and personal life.

9 Comments on "5 iPhone Apps for Public Speakers"

  • Dave says

    Question One: What is one of your favorite iPhone apps?
    I’m one of those app addicts. I’ve slowed down, but I have a LOT of apps on my phone and, of course, I only use a fraction of them. For games, I’m currently addicted to “Running With Friends”. For photography, one of my faves is “Hipstamatic”, but I’m going to try to get more use out of my “Instagram” app. There’s a “Question of the Day” app, which is kind of cool for Toastmasters/Table Topics. For getting organized, “Checklist Wrangler” is great for checklists I have to recreate periodically, “Routine Builder” for things that repeat daily or weekly on particular days, and “Finish.” for creating my top-3-things-to-get-done-today list, which I try to do on a daily basis.

    Question Two: What is another creative way we can start a conversation at a party?
    The “Question of the Day” app can be fun for this, particularly if you find the right question (strangers don’t necessarily want to get all “deep” with each other, but get them nostalgic for something funny from their past, and watch the whose-story-is-stranger? contest begin! :)

    Question Three: Would you rather always have to use an iPhone OR Android?
    I’m Android-curious, but so far, it’s all iPhone all the time for me.

    • I might need to see your phone so we see what kind of “app addict” you are :)

  • Nita says

    1. My favorite app is the phone recorder. Have an idea for an article? Say it into the phone. Having trouble with a story or article? Talk it out on my phone. I love it, especially since I drive a lot. Seriously, a lot. 2. Don’t have one, don’t go to many parties, or even get-togethers where there are people I don’t know. 3. Have no idea. Just bought my android a couple of months ago, never tried the iphone. I haven’t used the memo app, I’ll have to check it, also love some of the others you mention that I’d never heard of before. Thanks.

  • Great post, Ryan.
    1.) I’ve got an Android, and its audio recorder is also my favorite app for the same reasons you mentioned.
    2.) Another creative way to get a conversation started at a party is to bring up a favorite song and sing a few bars – then ask other people what songs/genres they like.

    This post was very informative. I’m going to check out Audible. Thanks, Ryan!

    • Thanks Lynn. For sure check out Audible, you will really enjoy it!

  • Thanks for sharing this Ryan, I’m definitely downloading the 55,000 Quotes app which will help me in the blog I’m starting along with the chapter I’m writing in an upcoming book as sprinkling quotes can be very effective and I know as a reader I love seeing them.

    I don’t know if I have a “favorite” app, though I listen to audio books every day while walking and have downloaded them all from Audible.com. Having the Audible app has made it even easier.

    One great discovery for knowing about iPhone apps that are out there is http://twit.tv/ifive. I love Sarah Lane’s short, witty and informative podcasts.

    For those who are doing marketing speeches (speaking for free to grow their business) and those working their way to becoming professional speakers, but paying their dues on the free circuit first, there is an app to help you locate Rotary Clubs http://www.Rotary.org/ClubLocator. Though I do most my searching at home on the internet, this can be a cool tool when out and about.

    • Glad to hear you like the post… and get ready for the 55K quotes app… it is addicting :)

  • Crissy says

    I love useful apps, so of course I loved your list! And I especially loved that they are all free. :)

    1. My favorite app right now is Shapchat, which allows your to send pictures to multiple people without requiring you save the picture first. It’s a fun and easy way to keep in touch with people you don’t see that often and keeps me in the loop!

    2. I am usually the quiet one in large groups or parties so I have no real advice about starting conversations!

    3. I’ve always been an iPhone user and I tried Android for a while but couldn’t get the hang of it.

    p.s. keep up the great work Ryan and thanks again for this list. I already downloaded 2-5. When I saw you in Irving a few months ago, you had such great advice and I actually download the voice app because of you and your tip on how to write a speech! Thanks for everything!

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